UBC IMANT introduces new name, logo and web site
October 3, 2022

Today UBC Investment Management Trust Inc. is announcing a new operating name, as well as a new visual identity and updated web site.

While our legal name remains unchanged (“UBC Investment Management Trust Inc.”), going forward we will be doing business as UBC Investment Management. The changes are effective October 3, 2022.

The evolution of our name and brand reflects our ongoing pursuit of excellence on behalf of the funds we manage, reinforcing the vital link between what we do — investment management — and who we do it for — the UBC community.

“The team at UBC Investment Management is committed to continuous improvement and evolution in our journey to provide the best possible advice and service to the UBC community and the funds we manage,” says UBC Investment Management President and CEO Dawn Jia. “This includes making sure we are clear and precise in how we present our brand and message to the key audiences we connect with on an ongoing basis.”

For more on our transformed brand and the organization behind it, please visit our updated website at our new web address: ubcim.ca.